MIAA Championship "A Finally of Friendship"

MIAA Soccer Championship

Calvert Hall vs Archbishop Curley

“A Finally of Friendships”


On Sunday November 6th, 2016 The Calvert Hall Cardinals will meet the Archbishop Curley Friars in the MIAA soccer final. For many spectators this is just another MIAA Final match between two great teams that can be watched and filled with spectacular moments. What most do not realize is for several of the players it is a final full of lasting friendships.


The Cardinals and Friars rosters are filled with many current and past Baltimore Bays players. These players have grown up with each other throughout the years both on and off the field of play. Families have gathered together and friendships have been formed that will not end when the final whistle is blown Sunday night.


This Sunday’s final match to decide the MIAA champion will feature many current and former Bays players.


The Cardinals field current Bays Players Goal Keeper Kyle Cooper (Bays 99), Mid Fielders Camden Ohrin (Bays 00), Ben Bender (Bays 00), Ben Pappa (Bays Blue 98/99), Defenders Eamon Black (Bays 99) and Zack Pappa (Bays Blue 98/99).


The Friars field current Bays players Goal Keeper Nate Wdzieczkowski, Forwards Matt Brummet (Bays 99), Tommy Sidleck (Bays 99), Midfielders Dylan Holly (Bays 99), Brendan Hollingsworth (Bays 99), Acolmi Rios (Bays 00), Defenders Brett Sutton (Bays 99) and Tyler Sosnowski (Bays Blue 98/99).


This is not to mention standouts from both the Cardinals and Friars that are former Bays players such as Cardinals O’Connor, Alexander, Carroll, Walker, Urbanski, Assaro, Sweeney, Barnard and from the Friars Gentry.


Bays Club President Kevin Healey said “Sunday will be a great day for local soccer. The match up of Calvert Hall versus Curley should be an excellent game. While the game includes many Baltimore Bays players, I wish all the players and coaches the best of luck. For all the players, coaches and their families, you are creating memories that you will never forget. Enjoy the preparation and the game!”


This Sunday’s game for the current Bays players means far more than just a chance at MIAA glory. Although many of the above Bays teammates have been playing together since the age of 9, several have been classmates and friends since as far back as kindergarten. Through the years they have not only been loyal teammates but have become great friends and more so part of a family.


Bays Head Coach Adam Mizell (Bays 99 and Bays) who coaches all of the above mentioned said “It’s very rewarding to watch these players develop into young men and establish relationships, both on and off the field, that we believe will become everlasting.”


Throughout the high school season these Bays players battle it out on the field setting their friendships aside, out of high school they are teammate, brothers, friends, and family that have built relationships that will continue long after the final whistle blows on Sunday. A Bays parent after Thursday night’s semi-finals said “This is a fitting ending for our Bays Boys for so many of them to play their last high school game together against each other” “It is a shame that there can’t be two winners.”


That is no closer to the truth. Yes indeed it is fitting that the boys get to play there last high school game together for the MIAA championship. Some as teammates, some as opponents but all as friends.



The biggest truth is that they are all winners and the entire Bays organization is proud of our guys and their accomplishments now and in the future.


The Bays organization would like to congratulate Calvert Hall head coach Rich Zinkand and Archbishop Curley head coach Barry Stitz on a great season and wish the best of luck to both schools in the final. The Bays want to also congratulate the Calvert Hall and Curley Players, coaches, families, and schools on such a great accomplishment. The memories these players have made will surly last a lifetime.


Come watch an exciting MIAA final between two great teams!


MIAA Final

Calvert Hall High School vs Archbishop Curley High School

Sunday 11/6/2016

Kickoff 5:30 pm

Anne Arundel Community College

101 College Pkwy, Arnold, MD 21012