The Baltimore Bays Soccer Club are both excited and proud to announce the unveiling of their new development curriculum for younger players, ages 8-12. The curriculum was developed to focus on building a strong technical foundation for each player in the club as they prepare for the move onto the next level of competition.  

Club President Kevin Healey commented on the focus of the new curriculum. “The major focus at the younger age groups is twofold. First, we want to develop a strong technical foundation that will allow the players to be successful in any system that they play in.  Second, we want to reinforce the basic individual and team character traits that allow our players and teams to continue to be successful.  You must also remember that success is not just measured in wins and losses at these age groups. Of course we want our teams to be successful, but the most important achievements at these age groups will always center on individual player development and that is what this curriculum represents.”
The main purpose behind the program is to provide support and education to the players, parents and coaches of the club. The curriculum identifies established goals and expectations for each player, providing clarity for both parents and the coaching staff of each individual team throughout the course of the entire season.  Each session at each age group is pre-planned, allowing for a consistent approach to player development across each age regardless of where the team is located.  
"Baltimore Bays Soccer Club have a real commitment to player development. While we recognize that this is a team game, we know that developing the individual on and off the field will lead to success. The age appropriate curriculum that has been carefully developed and is on the cutting edge of what is happening in the game at the moment and is only a starting point.
“We view innovation and creativity not only as a player’s tool, but as something that we value as a coaching staff in order to maximize the player’s and team’s potential. We have a philosophy and a vision that will lead to success. We know that it is a cooperative venture between our coaching staffs, the players, and their families. We know it takes a commitment and we are prepared to provide that commitment down to the finest detail in a learning environment."