Baltimore Bays Girls 99-Maryvale Prep

On February 21, 2016, Vera Pommett (Baltimore Bays Girls 99/Maryvale Prep) was honored at the MACS awards banquet by being named an All State player from Maryland.  She was one of only two IAAM B Conference players to receive the award. Vera's head coach at Maryvale Prep, Colin Devlin (Bays), was on hand for the award presentation. Coach Devlin has been Vera's coach for the past six years under the Baltimore Bays. Vera plays outside fullback on both sides of the field. She currently plays for the Baltimore Bays '00 U16 team coached by Laurie Schwoy.

Vera Pommett quoted  "This was a true honor to be up here with all of these outstanding soccer players. My teammates deserve credit for making me who I am,"

Coach Devlin noted that she also received her second All Conference award this year. "I am pushing Vera to be an All American her senior year. She has the skill and the drive to play D1

." Vera also stated that her development was due in large part to her relationship with the Bays. "Having been with one club team with a great history has helped me achieve my goals. I want to personally thank Mr. Healey and everyone from the organization for everything they do to help develop student athletes."