US Club Background Check Proceedures

This is the process of the US Club Background Check. It is a two (2) part process. 

1) You will have to complete the online Sideline Sports Doc Coure. The cost is $5.00 payable online. Upon completion you will receive a email with a certificate number that you will need to complete your US Club background.

2) You will actually need to do your US Club Background screening. Cost is $18.00 payable online. 


Sideline Sports Doc Course

  1. Complete Sideline Sports Doc (SSD) online course. []
    Effective July 1, all coaches and staff members registering with US Club Soccer must complete this course each time a background check is required (approximately every two years). Users will receive a certificate number when the course is complete, which must then be entered into the corresponding background screening application (see #2 below). The SSD certificate number must be entered into the background screening application in order to proceed. Invalid SSD certificate numbers will delay registration. This step must be completed by the person registering with US Club Soccer.
  2. Sideline Sports Doc (SSD) is a customized, scalable training program that includes a six-chapter online course, as well as downloadable .pdf/e-book and .mp3 products, which is designed to improve on-field triage of key injury situations. The course also incorporates U.S. Soccer’s “Concussions in Soccer” video and other Recognize to Recover content. The chapters are: 1) The SAFE Method – initial evaluation of an on-field injury, 2) Ankle and foot injuries, 3) Concussion, 4) Fractures, 5) Heat illness, and 6) Knee injuries.
  3. Link:

    Timeframe:  All coaches and staff members registering with US Club Soccer must complete the course each time a background check is required (approximately every two years). More specifically, the course must be completed within the 120 days preceding submission of one’s background screening application.

    Cost / Payment:  $5 per person, which is payable 1) by the person taking the course, or 2) clubs/leagues may cover the cost for some or all of their staff members by purchasing access in bulk.

    Other:  The course takes approximately an hour to complete, but it does not need to be done all at once. Users may save their progress and pick-up where they left off at a later time. The course must be completed with 100% accuracy (one may revise incorrect answers) before a SSD certificate number is issued.

US Club background Check



Beyond a variety of national sources, our new level of screening includes a direct county/state of residence criminal record search for all counties in which an individual has lived within the past seven years, regardless of whether any “hits” appear on the national database searches.

Links:  Background Screening Application / Background Screening web page

Timeframe:  Generally speaking, staff registering with US Club Soccer must submit a background screening application every other year – after July 1 within the year the passcard/registration is to be issued or expires. More specifically, competitive staff must complete background screening based upon the Staff Passcard Issue/Expiration Date Matrix [.pdf]Rec staff must complete and pass a background screening every other registration year.

Cost / Payment Options:  Either the person completing the background screening application, or his/her club, will pay SportsEngine $18 for the cost of each background check via one of the following options:

A) APPLICANT TO PAY DIRECTLY:  Payment will be made by the person completing the background screening application via a credit card or bank draft transaction as part of the application process. This is the default option unless a club indicates its decision to be billed directly for the background screening of its members (Option B below).