About the Baltimore Bays Spirit

The Baltimore Bays Spirit was formed as a result of a merger between the Bays Chelsea Stars and the JPYO Warriors.  For the upcoming Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 season, the Spirit will be competing in EDP and play in 6-8 tournaments. The Bays Spirit are based in Howard County, but field players from surrounding counties, including Anne Arundel, Montgomery and Carroll.  The Chelsea Stars began in 2014 as t he 64th ranked team in gotsoccer rankings, and have moved up to 23rd as of June 2016.  The JPYO Warriors were ranked 26th as of June 2016. Both teams have had tremendous success, including:

  • Finished third in EDP Maps Division South (Stars)
  • Semifinalist in Discovery Cup, October 2015 (Stars)
  • Semifinalist in Virginia Sun Cup, August 2015 (Stars)
  • Finalist in the Linthicum/Timonium Challenger Cup in August 2014 (Stars)
  • Winner of the Elite Tournaments Columbia Fall Classic  November 2014 (Stars)
  • Finalist of the 2015 Presidents Day Cup and Showcase February 2015 (Stars)
  • Finalist of the 2015 Amanda Post Memorial Soccer Tournament March 2015 (Stars)
  • Champion - 2016 Chesapeake Cup (Warriors)
  • Finalist - 2016 Baltimore Spring Classic (Warriors)
  • Second Place - Fall 2015 Baltimore Beltway League Div A (Warriors)
  • Champion - Spring 2015 Baltimore Beltway League Div A (Warriors)

The Bays Spirit are coached by John Togba and Todd Silver both former players who have more than a decade of experpience coaching youth soccer.   JPYO Warrior coaches Sarah Wilkerson and former International player Marlon Waterman will be joining the Spirit coaching staff for the Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 season. The Bays Spirit is proud to part of a premier soccer organization. The Baltimore Bays have a record of success, are well known for player development, and place emphasis and resources on their teams and their families.

The Bays Spirit is a performance driven team. Our players focus on the power game (speed, aggressiveness, will to compete) while using their technical skills to maintain possession of the ball and take opponants on 1v1.  We practice on turf and grass fields in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties and play our homes games at Howard High School and Cedar Lane Park turf fields. Our winter program generally consists of technical training that focuses on the needs of our girls and agility speed training to make our girls more balanced, faster, and more aggressive. 

The Baltimore Bays Spirit are part of a proud and elite tradition with the Baltimore Bays Premier Soccer Club.  We practice 2-3 times per week, and often employ specialized training with professional instructors to enhance the skills, speed, and agility of our players. We also conduct focused training in the summer and winter. For the spring 2015, we have hired a professional trainer from the Dutch Soccer School to work on certain techniques for our players. We also have adopted a curriculum developed by one of Holland's top youth instructors, which aims to improve real-time situational awareness and quick-action based skill sets.